Welcome to the official home page of the Kalorama Citizens Association. Founded in 1919, KCA's mission is to promote the interests of the residents of Adams Morgan.

To accomplish this mission, KCA has taken an active role in historic preservation and zoning, community beautification, support for local schools, business district revitalization, liquor licensing, and crime prevention. Please visit our What We Do pages for more details and volunteer opportunities for these projects. If you’re new to the neighborhood, please visit our Neighborhood Resources page.

KCA usually meets on the third Thursday of each month. Past meetings have included visits from the Mayor, various members of the City Council, and other D.C. Government officials. Please see our Calendar page for meeting details. The calendar also provides information about social and other events sponsored by the KCA. We welcome all people to join the KCA, whether homeowners, renters, or business owners. Please see the join page for more information.If you would like to join KCA e-mail news update service, please click here.

Denis James,

2004 - 2005 Kalorama Citizens Association
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