Neighborhood Resources

Are you new to the neighborhood? Here are some things you may need to know:
  • General city information & service requests. City-wide call center. 727-1000.
  • Police non-emergency number is 311.
  • City website
  • Home Renovation Permits. If you plan to do any home renovations, you will likely need a building permit, or you may be fined and a stop work order may be posted on your house. If your home is in the Kalorama Triangle historic district, any permit for exterior work will also have to be approved by the city’s Historic Preservation Division and/or the Historic Preservation Review Board.
  • Trees and Tree boxes. You must maintain your tree box from weeds and trash or the City may impose a fine. If your tree box does not have a tree or it has a tree you believe is dead or dying, please call 727-1000 to request a replacement tree or trimming.
  • Snow removal. You are responsible for removing the snow on the sidewalk in front of your house.
  • Trash collection/recycling. Trash is collected twice a week, and recycling once a week—please ask your neighbors what the days are for your street. Trash days are delayed after holidays. Visit for more information. The city requires you to put trash out in proper trash cans and provides special cans and recycling bins for new residents. Please call 727-1000 to obtain these. You are also required to keep your yard and sidewalk free from trash and to clean up after your dogs.
  • Parking. Most of Adams Morgan is covered by the Residential Parking Permit system which generally limits parking to 2 hours between 7:00 am and 8:30 pm, except for residents with a Zone 1 parking permit, obtained from the DMV. Residents may petition for different hours, on a block-by-block basis. For more information, please visit the residential parking description at (The downloadable petition form for new permit areas may also be used to request extended hours.) Between the hours of 10 pm and 7:30 am, parking restrictions are relaxed by law - residents may park 25 feet from an intersection (instead of 40) and may park in loading zones (except hotels) and entrances (except hospitals).

  • Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC). The purpose of the ANCs is to advise the District government on a variety of matters of public policy including matters relating to zoning, building permits and alcoholic beverage license applications. The city agencies are generally required by law to give “great weight” to the advice provided by the ANC. There are 37 ANCs in the city, led by ANC Commissioners who serve uncompensated 2-year elected terms. Adams Morgan is represented by ANC-1C.


Reed-Cooke Neighborhood Association
PO Box 21700 Washington, DC 20009

Advisory Neighborhood Commission 1C

Fund for Kalorama Park
PO Box 21397
Washington, DC 20009

Adams Morgan Listserve