Business Revitalization

KCA believes that a balance between daytime retail (e.g. clothing, hardware) and evening (e.g. restaurants, clubs) is in the best interest of all of our citizens. KCA's goal is to help revitalize the business district. This revitalization would provide a beneficial mix of customers and facilities that will help strengthen the social and economic health of our community. Here are a couple of the projects that KCA is working with the business community on:

  • Adams Morgan Main Street Group, Inc. KCA was one of the organizers of Adams Morgan Main Street Group, Inc., a non-profit organization formed to participate in the City's Main Street Program. The Main Street Program is a nationally recognized, locally organized group of business and residential citizens interested in the future development of their business area. The organizational heart of the concept rests with the four active Main Street Committees:
    • Economic Restructuring
    • Design
    • Promotion
    • Organization

    For more information, please contact

  • Adams Morgan Partnership. Currently, the Adams Morgan Business and Professional Association of Adams Morgan is working to establish a Business Improvement District (BID). This new BID would be an addition to the four existing BIDs in Washington. These business associations concentrate on local business district improvement priorities.

Volunteer efforts are essential to the future success of these groups. Please contact for more information on how to volunteer for these activities.