Community Beautification

Kalorama Park. Kalorama Park is located at the intersection of Columbia Road, Kalorama Road, and 19th Street. KCA has provided support for the Fund for Kalorama Park, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. The Fund has been responsible for the planting of numerous trees, for the installation of park benches, and for general maintenance and other many improvements in the park. There is also a community garden in the park (not run by the Fund) where residents may tend individual plots. Signs are generally posted around the neighborhood in the spring announcing the plot selection procedure.

Walter Pierce Park. Walter Pierce Park is located between Calvert Street and Rock Creek Park, with entrances on Calvert Street and Adams Mill Road. The Friends of Walter Pierce Park have been working with the City to build a small recreation center building, to improve the athletic fields, and to explore the possibility of a dog run. For more information, please contact Karen Smith at 261-5275 or

Biltmore Triangle Garden. The garden is located at the intersection of Biltmore and 20th Streets. Plots are available the garden each year to volunteers. For more information, please contact Marianne Josem at

Billboards and other Advertising. KCA took a leading role in preventing the proliferation of billboards and other advertising in the city and in our neighborhood when new legislation and regulations came before the City Council in 2002. Unfortunately, the neighborhood is left with one billboard, but others were prevented from locating here. This is a continuing effort as the City Council is expected to consider new proposals for advertising on "street furniture" in the near future.

Trees. KCA's tree committee surveys the neighborhood each year to determine the condition of trees in the public tree boxes and then requests the City's tree department to remove dead trees, plant new trees, and trim existing trees as necessary. Please phone the City's call center 727-1000 to make a request regarding the tree box near you.

Trash/Rats. KCA has been actively involved with working on trash and rat control problems in various of the neighborhood blocks.

Volunteer. If you are interested in volunteering for the above activities, please contact